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Jon Ogden, Senior Project Manager

Jon Ogden

Senior Project Manager

Mr. Ogden is a rock solid and respected Project Manager and key member of our team.  With over twenty five years of commercial roofing experience, Mr. Ogden has worked with a diverse, well known group of clients during his career including: the U.S. Navy, Irvine Apartment Communities, Zayo (formerly Latisys) and Rouse Properties.  

Mr. Ogden is also an expert in HOA project management, which is a very unique and challenging market segment. Mr. Ogden is a NAVFAC certified Construction Quality Manager (CQM) and is an expert on federal government safety and construction procedures and practices.  

Mr. Ogden is OSHA 30 certified and also the company photographer. Mr. Ogden’s photos have been officially used by the U.S. Navy for promotional purposes.

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