Redpointe Roofing




Red Pointe Roofing has made our safety culture priority number one and we simply will not place profit above safety. Our company’s safety requirements are stringent and uncompromising. Sometimes this rigidity affects our price competitiveness on certain projects. Fortunately, more and more customers are demanding the types of sophisticated safety systems, procedures and hazard identification policies which Red Pointe Roofing provides. Red Pointe Roofing currently services clients in high-safety risk segments including steel manufacturing and mining operations. Regardless of the industry or client, every project at Red Pointe Roofing has a unique safety plan written specifically for that particular roof with the goal being to mitigate every imaginable potential safety hazard.

Red Pointe Roofing's Safety Department operates independently of our Operations Department, reporting directly to the company President. All Safety personnel must continually receive company paid updated training and certification renewals. A partial list of our Safety certifications and organizational standards utilized include:

  • OSHA 500
  • CHST
  • MSHA
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineering 385 1-1
  • AGC
  • AIST

We encourage prospective customers to call current Red Pointe Roofing customers and hear about our commitment to safety first hand. Contact John Patterson, Vice President at (818) 998-3869 or for a reference list.