"The managers of Red Pointe Roofing were some of the first roofing professionals to receive CSRP (Certified Solar Roofing Professional) certification in 2011. Since then, this certification is required by many designers and owners on rooftop PV projects."

Michael Hogan
President and Board Member, RISE (Roof Intergrated Solar Energy)

  • Expertise in a variety of PV attachment technologies
  • Ability to integrate PV into existing roof systems
  • Certified Solar Roofing Professionals (CSRP) on staff

At Red Pointe Roofing, our team of Certified Solar Roofing Professionals (CSRP's) are capable of addressing all aspects of a roof-mounted PV installation, including:

  • Roof life-cycle performance
  • Weatherproofing integrity
  • Structural issues
  • Increased heat loads
  • Wind load
  • Equipment access and maintenance
  • Uninterrupted power performance

In many instances, PV installers do not take these critical factors into consideration, which can lead to warranty cancellations and roof failures. Make sure you speak to us before making an investment in PV.