"Light is not only an amount of energy, it also provides us with the means to feel spaces and volumes and interact with our environment."

Marilyne Anderson
MIT Department of Architecture

  • Enhances worker productivity
  • Reduces electrical demand
  • Adds points for LEED accreditation

Daylighting is the process of allowing natural light into a building during the day which reduces peak electrical demand. The vehicles that allows this process to occur are skylights and light tubes. Often, buildings will have hundreds of skylights which serve as the primary source of daylight for a building, especially big box retail stores. The technological advancement of skylights has increased dramatically in the last decade allowing for buildings owners to use more natural lighting which has been proven to increase worker productivity and enhance the shopping experience. Installing daylighting can also add LEED points for building owners seeking this recognized certification for energy efficiency.

Watch installation of an innovative 40ft. custom skylight >